Wednesday, October 05, 2005


It seems that White Sox are in a chase to end their title drought. After such a powerful start they stunned the World Series Champions with five homers. This is indeed an opportunity to avail for the White Sox presented by the American League Division Series to prove that, Yes! They are worthy contenders after winning their first AL Central title in five years. Chicago retreated the Red Sox by 14-2 in their playoff opener. Paul Konerko’s frustration and desperateness becomes clear when he quoted ``It's nice when you get a game like this, but we've played enough of the other ones to not expect this, I don't think we really felt comfortable until we were up eight, 10 runs.'' For Game 1 starter Jose Contreras it is also another chance to prove he's the big-game pitcher the New York Yankees once envisaged.

And when the White Sox have emerged out as serious contenders it is time for the Red Sox to begin defense of its World Series title. If the White Sox’s pitching competently stands against the Red Sox hitting there chances to appear postseason contenders will become bright. It is all about how White Sox’s chances unfold and their attitude and style towards these chances. Boston’s previous season’s Fall Classic victory was something they hadn't done since 1918 and in case of the White Sox they haven't won the coveted title since 1917. Veteran player A-J Pierzynski hit two homers and drove in four runs to give the Chicago White Sox a 14-to-2 win over Boston in game one of their American League Divisional Series. Great Going!!!


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