Monday, October 17, 2005


The Chicago White Sox have finally earned their first trip to the World Series in 46 years taking advantage of yet an additional remarkable break to knock the Los Angeles Angels 6-3 to win the American League Championship Series. The new AL champions made the franchise's first Series since the Go-Go Sox of 1959. As a matter of fact not even the incidence of Shoeless Joe Jackson caused this much of buzz among the team and fans, as this World Series ticket has enthused the fans. On the NLCS front, the Astros and the Cardinals are in a serious jam.

White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski played a pivotal role. He topped a grounder to the right of the mound with two out in the eighth and Rowand on first. Jose Contreras pitched Chicago's fourth straight complete game. After nearly a half-century, the White Sox will get a fair chance at their first title since 1917. This is also an opportunity for the team to give a shot at some long unsettled recovery when they lost the most infamous World Series ever, when Shoeless Joe and his "Black Sox" fixed games against Cincinnati in 1919 and black listed the sport. The hiatus of 46 years between Series appearances is the longest in major league history. The Chicago Cubs will end up with an even longer one, if they ever get back. The Cubs have also become the first club to pitch four complete games in a single postseason series since the 1956 New York Yankees pitched against the Brooklyn Dodgers. This Saturday will play the winner of the Houston Astros-St. Louis Cardinals NL Championship Series.


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