Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Jamal Lewis has experienced how it feels to be in the cellar of ambiguity. He has experienced something that a lot of people don't want to experience and shouldn't ever experience. But the glamorous lifestyle to which he belongs where the fans and people feed your ego, he has been low as can be. There are far worse positions in which to find one's self than 27th in rushing, as Lewis does at this moment, or in last place in the AFC North, a division that not long ago he dominated. Lewis' is also made to bend over so the guards can inspect his bottom for smuggled materials. Lewis isn't satisfied with his or the Ravens' start to what was expected to be a season in which they would challenge Pittsburgh for the division title and he would return to his form of two years ago. Lewis, who missed four games last season because of a league-mandated suspension and injuries, was named 2003's AP Offensive Player of the Year. In the World, where the convicts wear khakis, T-shirts, and Timbs, but for Lewis, those were his only fashion options while in prison. Had the case gone to trial, Lewis would have faced a minimum 10 years if convicted on conspiracy, but he came out in a gap of 4 months giving other dudes a reason to feel jealous for. It was only two seasons ago was widely considered to be among the game's best running backs. But now when he has tolerated some of life's worst circumstances, it doesn't seem to matter as much, the only concern is now he will prevail or not.


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