Monday, October 24, 2005


Podsednik who didn't have any home runs in 507 regular-season at-bats hit his first of the season in the division series opener against Boston. But the story of his victory didn’t end there. He made two electrifying home runs for the White Sox - and two World Series wins giving White Sox a 2-0 lead. Podsednik's home run came off Brad Lidge in the ninth inning giving the White Sox thrilling 7-6 victory over the Houston Astros on Sunday night. This victory has put the White Sox halfway home to their first World Series title in 88 years. He did something that was least expected from him. Podsednik emerged out as the most unlikely hero. His play against the Lidge, who hadn't pitched since losing Game 5 of the NL championship series against St. Louis; Lidge gave up a mammoth three-run homer to Albert Pujols in the ninth inning that made his teammates comment upon as an airplane cruising altitude hit. This hit one wasn't as long as projected, but yes it was just as damaging. Damaging in the sense that Podsednik lobbed the ball to right-center field, and players and fans craned to see whether it would clear the fence. When it did, Chicago players poured out of the dugout to greet Podsednik at the plate.


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