Monday, October 31, 2005


Babcock has clinched the designation of the Red Wings head coach, though being acquainted with a less financial freedom and a new league to contend with. The situation is not that that embracing that every new coach would love to adhere with. This being the reason the foretellers have predicted that the Wings by the end of the season would become one of those formerly big-spending NHL teams to become a victim of the new economic system. Even though the team has lost its top defensive prospect Niklas Kronwall, who was sidelined due to an injury in his leg during training camp, and without captain Steve Yzerman, who has been limited to just two games with a groin injury, the Wings have retained themselves as the top defensive team in the NHL, having given up just 21 goals in 11 games. Their 47 goals rank the highest in the league. The Red Wings are also competitive because of the fact that many people underestimated the team this season by stating that they would decline as a perennial Cup contender. The team is indeed the toughest to coach since the Red Wings is a team of veteran players who are having their own style of playing, but since the team has the well-prepared coaching staff one could ever see. Chris Osgood has given the Detroit Red Wings quite a 1-2 punch in goal and has stopped the Blackhawks to improve to 11-1. A highly successful franchise that has won three championships between 1997 and 2002 is once again into Cup contention. Though the Wings aren't known for their speed team the way San Jose, Minnesota or Tampa Bay enjoy speed throughout their lineups, but smart and highly skilled from top to bottom line-up, the Wings know how to open a game to their advantage with a quick-strike offense and a kind of defense.


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