Friday, October 14, 2005


The up gradation in NHL’S rules has once again made us reminiscent of Jacques Lemaire, who scored 44 goals and had 95 points for the Montreal Canadiens in 1972-73. Now it is the game to watch the scintillating saves of Mike Modano skate, or Rick Nash shoot or Marty Brodeur. If we have tolerated lockout and a season's cancellation to see this new style of hockey, then it is worth the frustration. NHL hockey had certainly developed to the point that it was agonizingly frustrating to watch on television, except at playoff time. But in the regular season, the emphatic defense, and excellent coaching, choked the enjoyment out of the sport. Unlike other sports, no one, except maybe coaches and general managers, enjoyed watching the NHL style of defense. Moreover, the disciplined defensive style wasn't entertaining. Even the goaltenders were the only saviors of the game.

But now due to the combined efforts of players and the league, all of this has changed. The NHL can once again be described in terms of rapidity, three-man rushes, and quick transitions. Breakaways are once again in vogue.


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