Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Now NHL a whole new game. NHL hockey heading into the 2005-06 season is a sport of new rules with new standard of enforcement in the exhibition season. It is better and faster, with more scoring opportunities and no ties. Most of the rules have been changed to improve the offense. The new rules will allow the players to pass from behind their net all the way to the rival blue line. The offensive zones have been made bigger and the net has been moved back a couple of feet. The movements of the goalies have been restricted. The players will be penalized if they toss the puck into the stands from their defensive zone. No longer can a defenseman can hold up a checker at the offensive blue line when the puck is cleared into the neutral zone. When two players are in a chase of puck into the corner, no deliberate contact will be entertained unless one has touched the puck last.

The parameters of the new standard will give more flow to the games. The changed rules will now feature lots of penalties and lots of power plays with privileges to special teams. The players and the teams will have to adjust accordingly. They're calling the rules as they should. Plenty of other twists are expected to catch your eyes. All in all it’s going to be salary-capped NHL, where everyone, will have a chance to win. Now when the NHL has entered into a new era, let’s cross our fingers and see whether the fans stung by the lockout accept and buy the overhauled product or not.


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