Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Has anybody ever pondered why the teams in the NFL are destined to mediocrity when injuries befall on the franchise? It makes it clear that the criterion in the professional World of football isn't more like baseball. In baseball, at least fan can be given hopes to anticipate. This thing came to my notice when a false rumor last week made a commotion. The rumor was the Packers intention to trade Brett Favre, who still can compete, to the New York Jets. Moreover the Packers also proved in Carolina that they don't have enough competent players to win a significant road game. Their only hope is that they exist in in the league's worst division, the NFC North. But where Favre is concerned, I think if he goes on to play with the Jets, the Jets will take the chance. They will once again come back in business. Playing for either of the teams will only add to Favre’s experience and even if he decides to retire after the season, he will definitely close out his career on a winning note. But here! here! it is just a cloud-cuckoo-land because of the rigid rules of the NFL salary cap since the Jets money is stuck up into quarterback Chad Pennington who isn't keeping good health, while Favre is the Packers' No. 1 salaried player. And if the Jets acquire Favre they will have to pay Favre's salary (and also Pennington's), but in return this will affect their salary. In that case the Packers would also be allowed to take Favre's base salary off of their cap.

There is one more reason that this trade won’t ever happen. Let’s face it! General Managers of most NFL teams always prefer the players with status quo and are wealthy because in this case their only worry is to pick the right players in the draft.


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