Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Every season there are some players and coaches who take their share of responsibility, which can also be termed as work pressure. For instance, Lakers Kwame Brown due to his size and athleticism is expected a terrific performance from his teammates. Flip Saunders has replaced the legendary Larry Brown, who led the Detroit Pistons to one title and a near-miss. Anything less than an Eastern Conference championship will be considered a failure by Detroit fans. Ron Artest. Made the things far more complicated for himself when he announced that he wanted to play like a "caged animal." He is under the burden of trying to lead the Indiana Pacers to a championship while also dealing with the after-effects of last season's brawl and suspension. Kobe Bryant Is expected to face a critical year. Not only he has to win the games but also win back his fans. Along with he has to sustain his goodwill and his play. Kevin Garnett is expected to carry his team back to the playoffs. His knee trouble has kept him from practicing much last season, but still he is one of the game's best players. Phil Jackson has always been questioned by his critics whether he would be able to coach a team without enormous talent. For the first time since Michael Jordan decided to play baseball in 1993, Jackson will lead a team without at least two superstars. Now Johnson has to prove his critics wrong. Deron Williams is expected to fill John Stockton’s shoes, and is expected to assist Utah get back to the playoffs and that too all in his first NBA season. Rafer Alston became the starting point guard for the Houston Rockets, a team with championship aspirations. Alston will have to adjust to the demanding ways of the team. Stan Van Gundy must lead this team to the Finals – at least – in order to be considered a success and will have to carve a niche for himself in the star-studded roster. Isiah Thomas is certainly a super hit for the New York Knicks. He put together this team and hired Larry Brown to coach it.


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