Friday, October 07, 2005


A record 10th time Miami city will play host to the title game. Miami, Atlanta and Houston made a final bid for the gazebo event at an NFL owners meeting. Earlier New York was provisionally awarded the game out of the running, the NFL picked from three cities that lost a bid in May for the 2009 game, which went to Tampa. Houston was eliminated in the first. None of the city got the three-quarters vote on the second ballot and Miami won by a simple majority on the third. The 2008 Super Bowl will be played in suburban Phoenix. That means there will be three Super Bowls in Florida and one in Arizona.

The fact worth noticing is that the officials prefer to award the game to those cities that generally have warmer topography. In Miami the weather is the best with the best hotels, the best restaurants, the best beaches and the best golf courses. Three off the first five Super Bowls -- in 1968, 1969 and 1971 -- were in Miami and the last one there was in 1999. Atlanta (1999 and 1994) and Houston (2004 and 1974) has each hosted the Super Bowl twice. The 2010 Super Bowl that was originally awarded to New York only on the condition that a new stadium be built failed to win government approval.


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