Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The Bulls sidelined Curry in the final 13 games of last season due to an irregular heartbeat and this season they finally traded their most effective offensive player after a dispute over a DNA test for his heart ailment (diagnosed with ventricular arrhythmia). It landed Curry in a fight with Bulls management his lawyer called "far bigger than just the sports world." It was not easy for Bulls to replace Curry since his production was matchless. Last season with the Bulls he averaged 16.1 points on 54 percent with 5.4 rebounds in 63 games. His presence helped the Bulls to clinch their first playoff berth in seven years. The Bulls new acquisitions who will fit into the role of Curry are Michael Sweetney and Tim Thomas. Sweetney will start at power forward while Tyson Chandler at center position. But still it is very indistinguishable to decide whether Sweetney or Chandler will be able to shot even better than Curry. The only potential drawback of the Bulls is that they are dangerously emaciated at center.

Curry’s new team Knicks look more practical since they are anticipating that at least one can fill the team’s center position competently. But the Knicks should not forget that while Curry is undoubtedly talented, his heart problems are enough of a risk that can even cost him his life. Isiah Thomas seems to have captivated with his size, age and potential that he was unable to resist adding Curry who either will become the Knicks' best player at center position or the worst deal Thomas ever has made.


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