Friday, October 14, 2005


This season the number of penalties seems to be more and more frequent. This drift is very notable and has led to the sloppy performances of the teams. The stricter implementation of the rules has made the players and officials to ponder that NFL has shifted away from its common-sense approach to officiating games and bend over more on a stricter elucidation of the rule book. Pregame fighting and the incidents in the Ravens-Lions game aren't indeed good for the NFL game and need to be stopped immediately. If either of the team takes more flags they will lose their chance of winning. The way true penalties are popping up in 2005 season can let the team to lose their focus. NFL’s last year's focus on defensive penalties also has led to stricter enforcement of these rules and more penalty flags. Moreover, most players hoping to make it big are not self-disciplined when it comes to avoiding penalties as compared to those from previous decades. This being the reason most major college programs faces tremendous pressure to succeed that whatever limited time coaches have to work them for. The last week’s highlight was a franchise-record 18 flags thrown against the Miami Dolphins, the Baltimore Ravens bracketing 21 penalties with the expulsion of two players.


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