Friday, October 21, 2005


Unarguably good team chemistry is easy to form and sure to come particularly if the teams have a tandem like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen leading the way. Forming a good team is now nothing less then a fantasy. Had it been an easy process then every couch potato in America would become eligible to work as an NBA general manager. Moreover, it's not as simple as picking a guy whose strengths directly complements another player's weaknesses. Apart this the other aspect that always remain under consideration is team chemistry, salary caps and most important, feasibility. Undoubtedly we would really love it if the roster filled with Tim Duncans, Kevin Garnetts and both O'Neal’s (Jermaine or Shaquille) agree to form one indomitable team. Also if you ever wish to see a perfect team, you just need to retrospect the Bulls of 1990s.

Let’s start with superstar (Michael Jordan) and his running playmate (Scottie Pippen), now surround them with a host of identical teammates; Voila! The outcome is a winning team. I hope you have not gorgotten that we are not making our winning team for one season, since history will soon forget a one-time champion. To always remain highlighted in the history of the record books, our preferable team should win three or four. Let’s determine our fantasy team:

For the starting position the ideal prospects are: SF -- LeBron James, SG -- Gilbert Arenas, PG -- Chauncey Billups, C -- Joel Przybilla, PF -- Al Jefferson

At the bench: SG -- Raja Bell, SF -- Shane Battier, SG/SF -- Josh Howard, PG -- Rick Brunson, C -- Nenad Krstic, PF -- Reggie Evans, SF -- Eric Williams.

The Coach – Larry Brown.


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