Friday, October 14, 2005


With an ambition to win a major version of the world title Matt Skelton will fight Irishman Kevin McBride in London on 10 December. If Matt wins this fight it could open up big opportunities for him. McBride ended the career of Mike Tyson in June and if Skelton defeats McBride, his preferred fight would be against America's WBO champion Lamon Brewster. Former martial arts fighter Skelton, who is also a winner of all of his 17 paid fights since he was introduced to boxing, was due to defend against former champion Williams in Bolton on July 16. The only reason why Skelton prefers to fight McBride instead of Williams is that the winner of the Skelton & McBride fight will be given a shot at either Ruiz or Brewster Danny Williams and Skelton can’t be blamed for looking for a more meaningful option after the fiasco of the first scheduled fight.


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