Monday, October 31, 2005


Stan Van Gundy is having an extra-ordinary production that is indeed the delight of 29 other coaches around the NBA. He has too much of talent that any NBA coach would love to see in their player. Moreover, Miami has also added a talented group of offensive players who have yet to fit into the team. It's Van Gundy's job to make it all work. It was until Thursday the Heat were facing trouble integrating their new additions – Antoine Walker, Jason Williams and Gary Payton – into the lineup. The Heat’s core of key players’ is formed by Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade, but with the new players the mix didn’t look in their form. The newcomers tried so hard to fit in that they weren't playing freely enough. He even decided that if they could adjust to being "complementary" players and deal with lesser roles. The Heats’ 104-90 victory over the Magic was certainly an indication that Van Gundy should feel comfortable that his talented mix of players will eventually come together. Jason Williams looked terrific directing the offense, Walker picked his spots and showed patience in taking open shots, and Payton fit comfortably at either guard spot, showcasing the Heat's best performance of the exhibition season.


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