Friday, September 30, 2005


Sura, who never had knee problems before last season, is now dreading the jeopardy to be faced by his career. With his right knee so damaged, Bob Sura will undergo surgery today that will determine the prospects of his career. It is indeed a great setback for an athlete who just back from offseason back surgery for which he underwent anthroscopic surgery and is now once again on the verge of risking his career. Now, it is the potential of his career that is being looked upon suspiciously since some problems you have in a knee just can't be fixed. This misery has even dwindled his confidence and. He is hoping that the knee surgery would solve his health related issues, but he has already forecasted his return is in doubt. Relatively his Rockets officials are seem to be more optimistic that the surgery will correct the enduring problems. The Rockets have 16 players signed to guaranteed contracts, but before finalizing the deal like the honest association they will wait to determine Sura's condition and then only rush after a free-agent point guard


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