Friday, September 16, 2005



There is no doubt about it that Los Angeles entertainment is in close terms related with the Lakers, but with the acquisition of Jeremy Roenick, the Kings are all set to rule the nation. With Jeremy Roenick in town, the Lakers are now in close chase for the title. One of hockey's most unmanageable personalities, he will surely bring a lot of glitz to his game. His art of cracking the ice at a very fast pace at a very high tempo has all the potentials to be ranked among the top six forward. The lockout that canceled the 2004-05 season, he came as a good bargain for the Kings. The wide-open game in the new era will probably enthuse up a new zeal in the hockey players, especially in player like Roenick, who loves to skate and score goals

After eight seasons in Chicago, five in Phoenix and then the last three in Philadelphia, let’s see whether Roenick will come out and fill Staples Center and proves to be a force that can be reckoned with some glorious years to come. I think we should not suspect his capabilities because in 1,124 NHL games played he has generated 1,120 points (475 goals, 645 assists) and this type of production could serve Roenick well in Los Angeles. Let’s wait for the time to reveal whether his goal of making the Kings the team to watch in Southern California materializes or not.

Southern Californians do keep your fingers crossed.


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