Friday, September 16, 2005



Tony Massenburg has always been really good for the team’s he played for. But his career always lacked something……………. An NBA title. The 37-year-old Massenburg has played for San Antonio, Charlotte, Boston, Golden State, the L.A. Clippers, Toronto, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Vancouver, Houston, Memphis, Utah and Sacramento during his NBA career with stints in the Italian League and the Spanish League. His appearance on almost half of the NBA's 30 teams over the span of his 15-year career has given him a bounty of experience. His lack of an NBA title was probably because a lot of those teams that he played for were not winning teams.

How can he forget the experiences that he received? I am not denying that when a team doesn’t win, one doesn’t always get a credit, but how can Massenburg forget his individual honors that he received when he was with these mediocre teams. Anyways! Lets’ come back to the point, Massenburg’ NBA title deficiency.

Massenburg won games last year in Sacramento, before that his team won games in Utah, which made him habitual of winning. He learnt to make the best of each situation. In 2004-2005 season Massenburg returned to play with the Spurs. Prior to that he played with the Spurs in his rookie season in 1990-91. maybe the charisma of playing with his first team worked out. And Voila! His team defeated the Detroit Pistons, four games to three in the NBA Finals. After holding the Larry O'Brien Trophy it didn’t matter to him that he received just nine minutes in the Finals series and 28 minutes over the course of the entire playoffs. A champion in his own way!


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