Friday, September 30, 2005


British heavyweight Danny Williams was once a frustrating fighter who showed brief flashes of his ability. He has a solid punch, but has frequently come into fights overweight for his comparatively small frame by modern heavyweight standards. The mental game is one that Williams has constantly lost before his fights. The outcome of the fight is almost entirely dependent on which Danny Williams shows up. He has often been criticized for lacking the heart to push himself to victory in his most testing fights. He is often described as a boxing enigma, a talented boxer with abundant heart, grit, determination and a prolific underachiever whose mental fragility has denied him to fulfill what he is physically capable of. Now planned to regain his British title held by Matt Skelton, he seems to be more motivated for his long-awaited fight with Matt Skelton. He has become a top dog and needs to re-establish himself.

Williams has filed redemption to the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) for withdrawing him from the July fight, but still banned him from fighting for the British title for six months.


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