Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The Braves fans celebrated their team’s 14th consecutive victory as if the team had won its first. It was a moment that team relived when they won their first way back in 1991. The team’s victory was assured when the second-place Philadelphia Phillies lost to the New York Mets by the scores of 3-2. It was a party time particularly for rookie Jeff Francoeur. This season, 17 rookies became a part of the Braves roster. The Braves victory became looked more exuberant when the high zoom camera focused on them and they encouraged their fans to kiss when the camera turned on them. The crowd of 25,306 gave the Braves a standing ovation, and several fans broke out signs marking the occasion. "In case you didn't know -- 14 in a row," one said. The enthusiasm was so much that two shirtless men painted a "1" and a "4" on their chests. It looked as if the Braves triumphed over all kinds of difficulties to win the East. The Braves have registered of the most remarkable streaks in any sport and it is but obvious since the team is all about scouting and player development.


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